Heating Mat/Pad





Our infrared heating film can be used as a heat source for multiple applications: 


The heating pad is perfect for all kind of animal or pet use. For example, to keep reptile or exotic pet enclosures warm.

Regulated via a thermostat, our heating pad will have your preset surface temperature and hence always have the perfect temperature for your pet.


Veterinary hospitals use heating pads during operations to keep the animal warm. Our heating pad is a perfect addition as it warms up quickly and the surface temperature can be adjusted individually. Our heating solution is very economical due to the heating pad's design in combination with a thermostat.


Another great application for the heating pad is a grow tent. Since our infrared heating does not produce high surface temperatures, air convection is almost not existent and hence a perfect climate can be achieved inside the grow tent. 

We offer custom sizes !

The pad comes in either 50cm or 100cm width and can be cut in any desired length. Power cable and connection to the thermostat can also be ordered in custom length.





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