Medical Aspects

The therapeutic use of infrared radiation has long been known: Heat acts healing and soothing in pain, inflammation, joint complaints and muscle tension and strengthens the immune system. Infrared radiation penetrates only slightly into the skin but immediately gives off the heat to the adjacent tissue layers. Through the blood and lymph system, the heat can also reach deeper body regions and internal organs. In addition, an increase in the blood volume flow can be observed after a short application. The evaluation of various measurements regarding vitality and well-being, such as blood volume and heart rate variability (HRV), confirms infrared radiation a stress-relieving effect. Additionally, a purifying effect has also been found, e.g. the rinsing of toxic substances from the body.



A study by the biophysical laboratory Paul Sommer has found the following:


The heating principle of an infrared heating system corresponds to the principle of natural solar radiation. The human organism and health also demand this in the house.





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