Another interesting feature of our full surface heating system is the increase in the concentration of negatively charged ions in the room.


Anions (negatively charged ions) form, in conjunction with the oxygen, the so-called ionized oxygen. The ionized oxygen is able to strengthen the immune system of the human body and prevent diseases. Furthermore, anions clean and sterilize the air and give it antiseptic properties. Air ionization is a natural process occurring in nature under the influence of different factors.

Examples of air ionization in nature

The natural concentration of negative ions outdoors is 1,000-10,000 ions/cm3. In the room, it decreases to 40-100 ions/cm3. The human being releases positive ions with his breath. Operating heaters, display and television screens also produce positively charged ions. This is confirmed by numerous experiments by A. L. Chizhevsky and other scientists.


A good example of places with a high concentration of anions in the air are coastal areas or areas near waterfalls: Fine water droplets are negatively charged and release their charge to the air as they evaporate, with an air saturation with negative ions. In the mountains, breathing is also easy. There is an increased ionization due to a higher proportion of UV rays that have not been attenuated by the atmosphere. In the event of a thunderstorm, ionization also takes place due to the electric charges.

Air purifying effect

The air ionization reduces the toxicity of the air and cleans it from dust and microbes. Dust and dirt particles are electrified (i.e., attracted by negatively charged anions) and settle together on the ceiling, walls, and floor. The air is cleaned. 

Healing effect of air ionization

A content of over 1000 anions per 1 sqm:

-          Eliminates the effects of tense and restlessness (e.g., asthmatic symptoms and migraine)

-          Suppresses histamine release (evokes respiratory diseases)

-          Increases the ionization of the mineral blood components

-          Promotes relaxation

-          Causes an alkalization of the blood vessels in the human body

-          Strengthens the immune system





When the heating system is switched on, the outermost two layers release anions in the room. The outer two layers are coated with a special anion ink and increase the concentration of anions in the room by a factor of four.





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