No radiators, heating or fuel storage rooms required

Use every centimeter of your living area just as you like. Let your creativity regarding furnishing fly free without any restrictions 

No dust swirlings, moisture or mold occure

Since the air is not heated, there is no air circulation. Therefore the humidity remains constant and no dust swirling occurs. Particularly suitable for asthmatics. In addition, there is a much more comfortable and healthier indoor climate. Since the walls are warmer than the air, condensation cannot occur and thus no mold formation. It can also be ventilated without losing a lot of heat through open windows.

Completely dispense with maintenance

The use of exclusively high-quality materials and the simple construction of these heating solutions make it possible to completely dispense with maintenance.

Minimum of inertia

Infrared Heating SA’s products impress with very fast reaction times and minimal inertia, since no large storage medium is used.

High Efficiency

The innovative carbon paste applied to all products of Infrared Heating SA provides evenly distributed warmth to the room. Electricity is converted into heat almost without losses. The efficiency is around 96% and is therefore significantly higher than the efficiency of all other heating systems on the market.

Cost-effective & independent

In connection with self-generated electricity, such as photovoltaics, this is the cleanest and cheapest way to heat, since you can keep your house completely independent of any energy price developments and save a lot of money. 





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