Frequently Asked Questions

What are the investment costs?


Please feel free to contact us in order to get an individual quote.

How long will the heating last?


The heating is built to last for 50 years

Can the heating be combined with Photovoltaic systems?


Yes, PV-systems are perfectly combinable with our heating system in order to reduce power consumption and be more independent from the main grid.

How does infrared heating work?


The secret of this technology is an innovative carbon paste.

A very thin carbon paste is printed on our heating film and emits the pleasant infrared radiation, like the sun, when voltage is applied. This happens within minutes and results in high efficiency and a homogenous warmth.



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What are the advantages of our infrared heating solutions?

  • high efficiency
  • space-saving
  • invisible
  • maintenance free
  • quick and easy installation (dust free)
  • creates pleasant warmth
  • safe (no electromagnetic fields or water damage)
  • silent
  • adjusts intelligently (via thermostat)

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What are the annual overall costs?


The annual costs depend on three factors:

  • Weather: the colder the outside temperature, the more energy is needed to achieve you wanted indoor temperature
  • Building: the more energy-efficient the building, the less heating consumption
  • Usage: the warmer you set your indoor temperature, the higher will be the heating consumption

Our measurements have shown the following consumption:
New building 27 to 36 kWh/a

Old building 60 to 80 kWh/a


Our heating systems are maintenance free, hence no annual maintenance costs.

Why is carbon used for heating?


Carbon has a high electric conductivity. This high conductivity in combination with the full surface carbon print results in an almost zero-loss conversion from electricity to heat. Additionally the entire carbon surface on the film heats up evenly and results in fast, direct heating.

How long does it take for the floor to heat up?


A distinct surface temperature difference can be felt within 5 to 15 minutes depending on starting temperature and floor material.

Which flooring is suitable for infrared underfloor heating?


All floorings certified for underfloor heating systems can be used. Preferably Vinyl, laminate, parquet, multilayer wooden floors or tiles





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