Get the sun into your home


 Infrared heating systems installed in flooring, walls or ceilings provide safe and comfortable warmth at low running costs




The heating solutions of Infrared-heating SA can be applied as floor-, ceiling- or wall-heatings and hereby use the same method as our sun, the comfortable  infrared radiation. Alongside a unique indoor climate, our products impress by low running and low investment costs. A patented technique based on an innivative carbon paste, which emitts infrared radiation when voltage is applied, enables these efects. 

Save money

Save up to 66% running costs compared to conventional heating systems by using the technology of  infrared radiation.  


Safe & easy to install

Save time and energy with the quick and easy installation of Infrared Heating SA´ s products. Equip projects within a few days. 

Use space as you like

No radiators and no heating or fuel storage rooms. Make the most of your living space and still enjoy comfortable warmth on the cold days.





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