IREWA heating panel


The IREWA heating panel is a large-scale infrared heating system used as wall or ceiling heating. It is operated with electricity and converts it almost without loss into heat, which is evenly distributed in the room. Instead of increasing the air temperature, this heating system warms up walls, items and people in the room, just like the infrared radiation from our sun. The pleasant infrared radiation ensures a comfortable and healthy room climate with low heating costs.


How this patented technology works:


The base forms a stable 10mm thick Fermacell plate, which is commonly used in drywall construction. On the back, an innovative carbon paste is printed between two copper conductors, which heats up when a voltage is applied and emits a pleasant infrared radiation.


Economical heating

Save up to 66% of heating costs compared to other heating systems

- Highly efficient heating system using infrared radiation, just like the sun.
- Instead of increasing the air temperature, our heating system warms up walls, items and people in the room. This method leads to a perfectly consistent room temperature while consuming less energy than any other heating system on the market.
- There is no need for an extra storage room, radiators or maintenance.

Healthy heating

A pleasant heating method that emits warmth via infrared radiation

- Using the IREWA heating panels leads to a very comfortable indoor climate, since the disadvantages of convection heating systems (heating based on air circulation) are being avoided: Dry air, dust pollution, dust-allergic related problems, moisture and molt won´t occur
- Infrared 
radiation is also proofed to have positive effects on muscles and joints as well as contributing to the feeling of well-being and supporting one´s ability of relaxation.

Secure system

Safe and secure without concerns about safety and accidents

- No flames or ignitors are required for operation, therefore no danger of CO2-toxication or explosions occurs.
- Every single part is tested and certified for its safety.
- Suitable for extremely cold temperatures, since freezing of parts does not occur (no fuels etc.).

Clean and noiseless heating

Heat your home up clean and noiseless 

- This heating product guarantees the absence of any noise and vibrations whilst operating.

- Ideal for facilities that require a clean and sterile atmosphere like hospitals or care-facilities.

Quick and easy installation

Similar to drywall-installation

Quick and easy installation:              

- The installation consists of four steps and is almost the same as for drywall installations: 
    1. Lay out reflection film 
    2. Battens
    3. Attach Fermacell panels 
    4. Connect to power
This allows an entire house to be equipped in a few days.


Long-lasting without maintenance costs

- The IREWA heating panel is made of a structure that consists of simple, but high-quality components only, which leads to warm walls up to a life-time.





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