Insulation & Reflection material




Insulation and reflective material is used to maximize the efficiency of your infrared heating system. The infrared radiation of the carbon layer, which is emitted when voltage is applied, is send out in all directions. Hence it doesn't just heat up the room, but also 50% of your floor or wall. In order to avoid this great loss of thermal energy insulation and reflective material is placed under or behind the heating elements. This reflects the infrared waves from the underside of the heating element and thus distributes up to 96% of the primary energy (here electricity) in the form of heat in the room.






Different models are available depending on the application:



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This reflection material is placed under the insulation layer in order to achieve an almost 100% reflection rate. This thin layer doesn't replace the insulation but is an addition to maximize the infrared heating effect and thus efficiency.





This insulation material is best suited for parquet and vinyl flooring. It reflects a small amount of radiation and mutes foot fall sound at the same time.


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This insulation material is suitable for wall and ceiling heating with IREWA panels as well as all types of stone flooring. This film is unyielding and therefore does not pose any danger to joints.





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